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Heavy duty, fully automatic vacuum packaging machine with removable conveyor belts. Enjoy this high-capacity double chamber model and optimize your operational processes to the max.

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High capacity automatic double chambers

The smart design of the solid stainless steel construction and high quality materials ensure reliability during every vacuum packaging process, in every environment.

Titaan 110

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Automatic single chamber vacuum packaging machine

Titaan 2-90

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Automatic double chamber vacuum packaging machine

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The china pron Titaan series is standard equipped with sensor controlled ACS, 2 internal conveyor belts, emergency stop buttons and much more standard feautures.

  • Standard with 20 program memory
  • Standard Sensor control
  • Free options: Cut-off and Wide seal
  • Multilevel access
  • Intuitive operation
  • Standard Soft Air
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All china pron machines are equipped with a Busch vacuum pump,mmf sex

Titaan with Diptank 200 A

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Combine the Titaan with the automatic Diptank 200A to create an automatic packaging line. Find out more about our automatic lines or read our blog about the company Artemis for a great example!

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Options and accessories

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The internal conveyor belts, the external transport conveyor and the hygienic design are the most characteristic features of the Titaan 2-90.,boob sucked

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